MT Leadership

2019 Montana Chapter SWCS Officers


President: Marni Thompson, NRCS,

Past President: Mark Henning, NRCS,

President Elect: Shalaine Watson, NRCS,

Secretary: Joyce Trevithick, NRCS,

Treasurer:  Jane Holzer, Montana Salinity Control Assoc.,

Newsletter Editor: Travis Lemke, NRCS,

WebMaster: Tera Ryan, Montana Salinity Control Assoc.,

Eastern Director:  Ann Fischer, NRCS,

Northern Director: James Cave, NRCS,

Northwestern Director: Travis Lemke, NRCS,

Southwestern Director:  Chris Mahony, NRCS Bozeman Field Office,

Southern Director: Vacant


Membership: Stacy Denny Eneboe,

Scholarship Committee:  Tommy Bass, Corey Swenson, Kelley Barkell, Roger Hybner

Soil Painting Kits:  Stacy Denny Eneboe, Jane Holzer

Awards: Dick Scheetz  Mark Henning, Marni Thompson

Earth Bracelets: Heidi Brewer, Jane Holzer

MSU Student Chapter Exploratory Committee co-chairs: Tony Hartshorn; Tony is a professor and soil scientist highly engaged with MSU students through mentorship and undergrad research initiatives.  Also Thomas “Tommy” Bass; Tommy serves on multiple SWCS endeavors and seeks to invigorate a renewed student chapter.

Members: Montanans interested in learning and teaching others about soil and water. Anyone can become a member.  See the national SWCS webpage for details

The mission of the Soil and Water Conservation Society is to foster the science and art of soil, water, and related natural resource management through advocacy, professional development, and educational activities to achieve sustainability. The Montana members stand for a stewardship ethic that recognizes the interdependence of people and the environment.

Your support can make a difference! It’s individuals like you that make healthy land and clean water for life possible. If you are not already a member, please consider joining. SWCS members benefit from professional development opportunities, in-service training and networking.